Gutter Love It - Marin CARaintube inner workings


Gutter Love It! - Raintube system

Raintube - half the pric of other systems

Rainwater control is essential in protecting your home and wallet from expensive water damage caused from overflowing and clogged rain gutters. RainTube prevents downspouts from clogging while collecting rainwater at high volumes even through heavy debris. Raintube is made from 100% recycled HDPE (#2 plastic milk jugs) which is virtually indestructible and come with a transferable lifetime warranty.

Clogged downspouts and gutters cause loss of rainwater collection, roof leaks and water damage, mold, dry rot, foundation erosion and so on. Even personal injury can result from rushing up ladders in rainstorms to clear your gutters. RainTube allows your guttering system to do what it was designed to do in the first place: collect or divert the rain and disperse the debris.

Installation is simple, straight forward, and inexpensive. RainTube can be configured to work with everything from low pitched roofs to A frames, tar and gravel to tile, and all sizes and shapes of gutters. Installation does not disturb your roofing material or require additional holes or fasteners to your roof, fascia or gutters.

Rain Technologies Inc, the makers of RainTube is only one of 11 companies to earn a Gold Tier Cradle-to- Cradle Certification from MBDC. Cradle- to -Cradle means that at the end of a product's useful life, its materials are designed to be reclaimed and reused, just like the milk jugs that go into making RainTube.

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